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Proper Etiquette for Having Two Maids of Honor

For brides-to-be, figuring out the wedding party is no easy task. Among family and friends they have accumulated over the years, only a handful will have the privilege of being called “Bridesmaid.” But there’s still one thing harder than this: Choosing the Maid of Honor. Sometimes, you just can’t narrow it down to one. How can

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wedding guest transportation plan

How to Plan Wedding Transportation for Your Guests

  When you’re planning your wedding, you’re focused on making sure every critical detail is covered. From catering and centerpieces to venue and decor, you want your wedding day to be perfect — and that means thinking of everything. Your RSVPs are in, your seating chart is arranged and you’re ready for the big day

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why a hotel is the perfect wedding venue

Why a Hotel Venue Is the Right Choice for Your Wedding

  Are you planning your ideal wedding? When you’re counting down to the big day and dealing with preparations for the ceremony, wedding reception and everything in between, you want every last detail to be perfect — including the venue. As the setting for memories in the making, the cornerstone for your aesthetic and the

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10 Things To Check Off Your To-Do List After Getting Engaged

You’ve just said yes to one of the most life-changing questions — congratulations! But now it’s time to take your eyes off your gorgeous engagement ring and find out what to do after getting engaged. The 10 tips below will help ease you into the wedding planning process and make sure you take all the right

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Don’t forget these 8 wedding details

You’re planning a wedding and that means you get a pass when it comes to being forgetful (it’s called “wedding brain” and we understand). Read on for the list of details you don’t want to let fall through the cracks 1) Essentials For Under Your Dress Your dress is set (yay!), but you’re not done

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10 Things No One Tells You About Getting Engaged

  1. YOU’LL HAVE A BIG ZIT ON YOUR CHIN THE DAY OF YOUR PROPOSAL. Okay, maybe you won’t (or didn’t). But the point is that whatever fantasy proposal you had dreamed up (at the most romantic place in the world, wearing the most perfect dress, with the best hair and complexion you’ve ever had)

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the perfect wedding proposal header image

The Perfect Wedding Proposal

  So you’ve decided it’s time to pop the question? Congratulations! Just deciding to spend the rest of your life with someone is worth celebrating. But, before you pop the bubbly, you need to plan the perfect marriage proposal. While nearly two-thirds of brides report knowing — or at least suspecting — their significant other was planning something, the

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