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How to Cater a Business Meeting That Will Make Everyone Happy

Not everyone gets excited when they hear about the next business lunch — even though it means free food — and for a legitimate reason. When you’re trying to order a one-size-fits-all lunch for a large group of people, not everyone will be pleased.

However, one savvy way to circumvent the business lunch blues is choosing a caterer that offers both quality and variety in their lunch delivery menus.

Catering Options for a Business Lunch

Boxed Lunches

If you have a smaller group where you’re able to customize individual orders, boxed lunches may be the way to go. Boxed lunches usually consist of customizable sandwiches or subs that come with a couple of sides. That way, it’s easy to let your meeting’s attendees pick their favorite options and have them delivered to your location.

Our catering team at Wyndham Garden York has an option that includes boxed lunches with customizable sandwiches, homemade chips, pasta salad, and a cookie. Each lunch comes with napkins and plastic silverware so you can have a seamless business lunch that keeps attendees full and happy.

And don’t forget to keep your attendees hydrated. If you’re planning to have boxed lunches delivered, make sure you request beverages from your caterer’s selection. Wyndham Garden York offers bottled water and canned sodas for only $1.75 per person. This makes life a little easier when having a business meeting somewhere other than your office. If your catered business lunch is being held in your building, keeping a stock of drink choices may be the more affordable way to go while still being able to offer a large number of drink options.

Sandwich Trays

If you have a large group attending your business meeting, sandwich trays could be your best option for a delicious, crowd-pleasing lunch. Sandwich trays are great for meetings of 15 or more people because they can offer enough variety without you (and your caterer) going through a long and complicated individual customization process.

Instead of guessing what everyone likes, sandwich tray options let you choose a few different sandwiches and sides and have them delivered directly to your location. You could even send out a survey of sandwich and side options to attendees and order the top three to five choices. Then, keep the survey results for future lunch meetings.

Sandwich trays are also convenient options for the next time you host an office lunch for a team meeting or an “all hands on deck” project.

All-In-One Meeting Space & Catering Options in York, PA

If you’re looking for a meeting space to rent along with a caterer in the York, PA area, look no further! The Wyndham Garden York offers everything you need for business meetings and lunches all under one roof.

We work with The Altland House to bring our corporate customers some of the York area’s best catering. Whether you’re planning a two-hour meeting with a lunch break or making arrangements for an overnight conference, we’re ready to meet your needs. We offer conference rooms and event spaces along with catering services and overnight accommodations for those who are traveling.

Choose the Wyndham Garden York to host your next business lunch. We serve the York County area and are dedicated to making your company’s experience comfortable and enjoyable. Contact us today for more information about our services!

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