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How to Plan Wedding Transportation for Your Guests


When you’re planning your wedding, you’re focused on making sure every critical detail is covered. From catering and centerpieces to venue and decor, you want your wedding day to be perfect — and that means thinking of everything. Your RSVPs are in, your seating chart is arranged and you’re ready for the big day — but do you know how everyone is going to get there?

As the bride or groom, you probably have your transportation all planned out, but transportation for out-of-town wedding guests might not be so simple. Whether it’s from the airport or home to the wedding ceremony, from the wedding ceremony to the reception or the from the reception back home, it might be a good idea to offer wedding guest transportation to your closest friends and family.

But who should you extend transportation options to, how extensive should they be and what kind of transportation should you book? Here are some tips to help you work out wedding guest transportation and the appropriate etiquette for your big day.

Transportation for Out-of-Town Wedding Guests

Your wedding transportation will be based on your budget, of course — but if you have special friends or family coming from far out of town to attend your ceremony, offering them a ride to the wedding shows how much you value their presence. Guest transportation can be as simple as picking up your relatives from the airport, but if you want to avoid the additional personal hassle and give them the golden treatment, providing professional transportation to take them to the wedding is also a meaningful gesture.

Typically, you might not be able to provide a ride for all your guests, but you should definitely include important wedding members like your parents, siblings and the wedding party in your transportation plans. If a majority of your VIP members are coming from out of town, providing a limousine or a wedding shuttle for everyone will make things run more smoothly on your wedding day.

Etiquette for Traveling from Wedding to Reception

When your wedding ceremony and reception are in different venues, it can be difficult for all your guests to arrange transportation and avoid traffic to make it to the reception on time. To make sure everyone has a good time and arrives at the reception in a timely manner, think about booking a wedding shuttle or bus fleet to take all your guests from one location to the other at once.

After-Wedding Transportation

When the festivities are over and your guests are ready to head back home or to their accommodations, it’s essential to follow through with the transportation you began the day with.

Guests who live nearby should be able to transport themselves home, but have your shuttles or limos return your out-of-town guests and VIP guests to their accommodations for a smooth experience all around. Providing transportation after the reception is especially important if you’ll be serving alcohol, too.

Avoid Wedding Guest Back & Forth With an All-Inclusive Wedding at Wyndham Garden York

Are you getting stressed out thinking about the costs and planning involved in your wedding guest transportation? Avoid the extra budgeting and extra hassle of wedding-to-reception transportation by having your wedding at an all-inclusive location like The Wyndham Garden York.

When you plan your big day at the Wyndham, you don’t have to worry about shuttling your guests back and forth between venues and accommodations — because your ceremony, reception, overnight accommodations and everything in between can happen right here. All you have to do is show up! Contact us today to talk about booking your wedding and to learn more about our all-inclusive services.

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