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why a hotel is the perfect wedding venue

Why a Hotel Venue Is the Right Choice for Your Wedding


Are you planning your ideal wedding? When you’re counting down to the big day and dealing with preparations for the ceremony, wedding reception and everything in between, you want every last detail to be perfect — including the venue. As the setting for memories in the making, the cornerstone for your aesthetic and the area to accommodate all your guests, your venue is more than where your wedding happens — it’s what defines it.

When you’re planning the perfect wedding, how can you be sure you’re making the best choice of wedding venue? If you’re looking for ease, professionalism and all-in-one inclusions that allow you to enjoy the experience instead of stressing over every detail, hosting your wedding at a hotel might be your best option. To help you make your decision, here are four benefits of a hotel wedding.

1. All-In-One Wedding Venue

When you choose a venue like a church, reception hall, historical site or another area, you’ll often need to book separate venues for your ceremony and reception. With a hotel, one call takes care of everything. You can book your ceremony, wedding reception and honeymoon suite all in one place, and you and your guests don’t have to travel between venues. Plus, the hotel can take care of a variety of the details of the wedding itself — including catering, linens, centerpieces, audio and visual components, setup and cleanup.

With so much of the planning, preparation and event components taken care of in one place, why wouldn’t you want an all-in-one wedding at a hotel?

2. Indoor and Outdoor Options

In addition to the ease of planning and preparation, hotels offer you a variety of venue options on their premises. Choose from indoor and outdoor settings for your big day, and benefit from the peace of mind you gain by having easy access to alternative options in inclement weather. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding on hotel grounds, you already have a built-in backup venue steps away should the weather turn wet. If you plan an indoor wedding from the start, you’ll still have a beautiful wedding ceremony with no weather worries.

3. On-Site Accommodations

If you have guests coming to your wedding from far away, having a hotel wedding gives you an easy option for accommodating both your guests and yourself after the wedding.

Hotels like The Wyndham Garden York offer overnight packages for your guests, yourself and your new spouse, so you can enjoy time relaxing, resting and rejuvenating after the big event without worrying about travel. Plus, you and your guests will often have the option to stay in a room block — a section of the hotel reserved specifically for you — so it can feel like a family setting.

4. Day-After Brunch

When the wedding and festivities are over, you and your guests can continue to enjoy your hotel venue with amenities like a day-after brunch. Relaxing and celebrating with your friends and family over a breakfast spread will make your wedding experience even more special.

Book Your Hotel Wedding at Wyndham Garden York

Ready to take advantage of an all-in-one wedding venue and memorable hotel wedding experience? The Wyndham Garden York, located centrally in York PA, has everything you need to plan a wedding to remember. From venue space and catering to overnight accommodations and a family-friendly atmosphere, we provide a full-service, all-inclusive wedding experience you won’t forget — all under one roof. Contact us today to learn more about booking your wedding with us.

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