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Don’t forget these 8 wedding details

You’re planning a wedding and that means you get a pass when it comes to being forgetful (it’s called “wedding brain” and we understand). Read on for the list of details you don’t want to let fall through the cracks

1) Essentials For Under Your Dress
Your dress is set (yay!), but you’re not done on the fashion front. Accessories are a no brainer, but you’ll also want to carefully plan what you’ll wear underneath on the day of to. Because there’s nothing worse than running around last minute to find a bra suited for a plunging neckline the day before your wedding. Don’t forget to bring the undergarments to your final fitting!

2) Cocktail Napkins & Favors That Fit Your Style
Sure you could totally go with the classic white napkins that we have on hand, but going custom is way more fun. An easy way to add a personalized touch to your cocktail hour is with napkins that are personalized and coordinate with your wedding style. Maybe a napkins with a saying like “Drink champagne and dance on the table” might be more you. Then why not start the reception with a fun favor- That your guests will actually use!

3) Photo Friendly Getting-Ready Outfits For You and Your Bridesmaids
While an oversized t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants is the perfect go to getting-ready outfit on any other day, you have to remember that on your wedding every moment is going to be photographed. The key here is picking a look that is cute, won’t mess up your hair or make-up when you take it off (so something that can be unbuttoned our stepped into and out of instead of being pulled over your head) and isn’t see-through or so short that you or your girls might feel uncomfortable. I personally went with the floral robes for my Bridal Party the ladies loved them! See image below.

4) Guest book or something less traditional
Thumbprint guest book trees are a huge trend right now. The concept: You start with just branches, and your guests put down their thumbprints as the leaves. Then, your guests sign their names by their prints. After the wedding, frame your new piece of artwork to display in your home. Our why not a decorative art piece such as the rustic wood. Have all your guests sign their names and event write a sweet short message. Perfect piece for your newlywed home. See images below.

5) Gifts For Mom and Dad (Don’t Forget MIL and FIL Too!)
It’s easy to take your parents for granted (and even take your wedding stress out on them from time to time), but on your wedding all will be forgiven and appreciated with a thoughtful and sentimental gift. Even just a card with a sweet note about how much you love and care for them will go a long way if you’re planning to gift them a wedding album later down the line.

6) A Bathroom Basket
A touch of extra hospitality can go a long way to make your guests feel welcome. Stock a basket full of necessities like mints and extra bobby pins and everyone will thank you. See image below.

7) Place Cards and Seating Charts
Place Cards: These tented cards can be used alone or with escort cards. Displayed near the entrance of the reception in alphabetical order, they usually include the guest’s name and table number. Once at the table, guests usually select their own seats.

The Seating Chart: Usually displayed alphabetically in a pretty frame near the entrance of the reception, seating charts are lists of guests’ names with their designated tables. Additional place cards may be used at each table to designate assigned seats, if you wish.

8) Emergency Kit
Stuck zippers, a tiny drip of red wine or a flyaway that can’t be tamed happen, and even these small bummers can lead to a major panic attack if you’re not prepared ahead of time. Make an emergency kit that your maid of honor can keep handy throughout the wedding just in case and you’ll feel more at ease. See image below.

Happy Planning- Love, Kristina – Your Wedding Coordinator

Blog references from theknot.com

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